Advance equality in medical education

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To connect medical students, graduates and physicians to collectively advance equality in medical education, globally.


Every international medical graduate’s journey to become a physician is unique and their personal sacrifice and perseverance is commendable. Although aspiring physicians share the same end goal, they all don’t start their journey on equal footing. Most international medical students face geographic, socio-economic and educational inequities that make their journey that much more arduous. The consequence of these inequalities directly contributes to the global physician shortage and ultimately, the quality of care provided to patient populations worldwide. As the global community focuses on addressing a spectrum of social determinants of health at a governmental level, the opportunity to effect change in health outcomes begins by providing every medical student equal access to medical education resources and opportunities.  

Project IMG is on a mission to connect medical students, graduates and physicians to collectively advance equality in medical education, globally. As a collective of learners and educators, we provide an ecosystem that guides and equips students throughout their medical education journey. By combining free, curated medical education programs with a peer support structure, we enable every student an opportunity to advance their academic career.


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Goal 1

Equal access and inclusion

Our goal is to provide every student equal and free access to medical education resources and opportunities provided by our collective of students and educators.

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Goal 2

Equal treatment

Every student interaction within our collective should be accepting, valuing, respectful, supportive, safe and secure. Our members should feel challenged to be invested in the pursuits of learning and excellence without fear of threat, humiliation, danger or disregard.

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Goal 3

Equal opportunity to learn

Our goal is to ensure that every member, regardless of their characteristics and background, is presented an opportunity to reach high standards of excellence.

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Goal 4

Equal resources

We recognize that not all students have all the resources needed to complete their journey. As a collective, we will work with donors and other partners to distribute resources in ways to ensure that all members achieve high academic standards.